About Us

SafePins is a brand of safe piercing jewelry made from implant titanium ASTM F-136. We are located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our teem works closely with the community of professional piercers in Europe, together we find the best solutions in piercing industry.

We promote internally threaded jewelry, but also expand а threadless piercing jewelry line. The Safepins team designs all titanium jewelry in the store's catalog. Production of Safepins jewelry is under our control. We carefully check all items before adding them to the Safepins collection. Manufacturing is carried out by our partner factories in China, which produce titanium jewelry for famous brands.

You can download our material certificate here.

Store/warehouse address:

Vilnius, Jogailos g. 13

Opening hours: 10:00-18:00, Sat – Sun: Off Day



Jasinskio g. 4-10, 01112 Vilnius, Lithuania

Company code: 300536848, VAT number: LT100002181612